JoMar Yoga

My mission is to bring the benefits of yoga to everyone! See how different you could feel, either physically or emotionally (or BOTH!), from the practice of yoga. Yoga is an opportunity to learn about yourself and can change your perspective.
It’s not yoga, it’s Joga!

Jo Marchi, Instructor

Courtesy Rick Cummings

Jo has been practicing yoga regularly since 2012. She completed her first three teacher trainings with CorePower Yoga throughout 2012-2013 and is a certified yoga teacher from the Yoga Alliance. Jo found yoga during an emotional time in her life and discovered more than she anticipated. The principles of yoga are now a mainstay of her life and she is excited to share the love of yoga with her family, friends and the community!

Jo teaches many styles of yoga, including Athlete yoga, vinyasa yoga, Hot yoga and restorative/yin style.

JoMar Yoga specializes in Yoga for Athletes. Jo has worked for over 12 years in collegiate athletics and understands the sacrifice and mental toughness that is required to be an elite athlete. This knowledge is used in providing the perfect style of yoga for the training athlete, regardless of level or experience. Discover what a difference yoga can make for your performance today!

Vinyasa style practice challenges the mind and body, emphasizing the use of the breath in flow. Also referred to as Power Yoga, or a Flow style, this style is sometimes practiced in a heated studio and will make you break a sweat, but leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Hot yoga challenges your focus and balance, while developing strength and detoxing your mind and body all while in a hot yoga studio (105 degrees, 60% humidity). Great for students looking to get into yoga or have been working with an injury.

For those looking for more recovery and restorative style, Jo is certified to teach the yin yoga style. This type of yoga targets the deep tissues of the body through stillness in postures and challenges the mind to find the same stillness. It’s the perfect compliment to your regular yoga practice or athletic training regimen.