Yoga for Athletes

If you are an individual athlete or part of a team, a weekend warrior or aspiring professional, yoga should be an integral part of your training!

Why Yoga? Yoga can make you better at what you do.

  • IMGP3085-webStrength – Build strength in every muscle, not just the ones you use for your sport.
  • Balance – Help improve standing balance and balance out the usage of your body. Especially important for those sports/activities that primarily use one side.
  • Body Control – Create spacial awareness and improve coordination.
  • Flexibility – Increase your range of motion and help your body to recover faster.
  • Injury Prevention – Yoga has been proven to help prevent injuries, using all of the above elements.
  • Breathing – Have a better control over your breath.
  • Mental Control – Learn how to stay focused and present, avoid distraction and visualize your success.

There are many styles of yoga, but JoMar Yoga combines the very best styles to deliver a comprehensive program that will maximize your performance. Try a yoga practice that is created specifically for athletes and is designed to be accessible to any and all levels of yoga experience.

Let’s get you or your team started on the path to improved performance! Please contact Jo Marchi to discuss how yoga can bring out your best. Send an email to or call 303-726-0288 today to learn about price packages!
Private sessions and group rates are available.